Thursday, April 10, 2008

SEALed With A Kiss by Mary Margret Daughtridge

The Back Blurb-


Jax Graham is a member of an elite military team, but when it comes to taking care of his four-year-old son after his ex-wife dies, he's completely clueless.


Family therapist Pickett Sessoms knows just how to help a rough, tough Navy SEAL deal with a scared and lonely little boy, but not if he insists on going it alone.

When Jax and his young son Tyler get trapped by a hurrican, Pickett takes them in against her better judgement. Jax figures Picket's high maintenance, just like all the women he knows, and she figures he's not commitment material. But when an outing turns deadly, Pickett discovers what it means to be a SEAL, and Jax discovers that even a hero needs help sometimes...

I really, really liked this story. I saw a review for it over on the Book Binge blog and thought it sounded interesting. When I went to B&N to pick up the latest Karen Chance book, I snapped this one up.

This book was interesting. Ms. Daughtridge made each of the characters in this book come across as real people, which I enjoyed greatly. Jax is a tough, take-charge kind of guy who is completely overwhelmed by everything that life has thrown at him lately. He has a little boy he barely know and who barely knows him, his ex-mother-in-law is not what he expected and he just doesn't know which end is up.

Jax & Pickett meet up quite quickly and things just kind of progress from there. He's impressed by her ability to help his little boy communicate and she's impressed by his manly muscles. At first it comes across as superficial, but as they slowly get to know each other, mutual respect & understanding take the relationship to a whole other level.

What I liked about this book...Jax & Pickett. They come across as real people. Each of them have their good points and their bad points. They're not 1 dimensional & they can be down right mean to each other at certain points, but that's what real people are like.

Tyler-he comes across as a real 4 year old. He likes to play with his trucks and he's smart.

The location. It's the beach, it's hurricane season, and everyone is battening down the hatches. It's interesting.

What I didn't like-Pickett's entire family. Annoying & very much of a type. Nothing that separates them from the rest of the annoying families out there in romanceland.

Pickett's job. It came across almost like an afterthought.

The "deadly" outing. It seemed kind of tacked on. Wasn't anything like I expected and was a bit of a disappointment.

Overall, I really, really enjoyed the book. There are moments of sweetness that just make my heart go pitty-pat. The sex is hot without being HAWT and Jax has a patience & tenderness with Pickett that's really surprising.

As for Pickett's name, honestly, it didn't quite fit her mom especially. She comes across as a WASPy control freak & to have named her daughter Pickett? Uh-uh...that was weird.

My Rating: B-

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Holly said...

Sorry for commenting on every post, but I just found you and am catching up.

I agree about this book. It was wonderfully written and the characters were very real. Pickett's family drove me insane, too, but as for her name:

I asked the author and she said in the South, it's very common for maiden names to be used as first names, hence, Pickett. Don't know if it's true or not, but it makes sense so I'm going with it.