Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Titleless Story Part 4

Part 1 here. Part 2 here. Part 3 here. And now on to part 4!!! Yay!

I licked my lips and barely restrained myself from jumping him and having him at my mercy. Since this was my night and my fantasy, I was going to do my best to drag it out. No slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am tonight. Tonight was all about the passion and the need I could feel swarming through me.

Kieran smiled at me, his lip curling just slightly as he reached for the top button of his jeans. I stepped forward and placed my hand over his.

“Not yet.”

He nodded and his hand dropped to his side. I could tell he knew what I wanted and was giving me the chance to take the lead. I moved back, getting a few inches of space between us. I tugged the hem of my t-shirt out of my jeans and pulled the shirt over my head, having a moment of abject embarrassment when my head got stuck in the hole and couldn’t get it off. I heard Kieran chuckle as I felt his hands slide up my side before helping me pull off the shirt.

I wanted to kick myself. Here I was trying to be sexy and I was coming across as an idiot. Instead of looking at him, I reached behind my back to unfasten my bra. It came loose but stayed in place until I shimmied slightly and the straps slid down my arms. I stripped it off and tossed it aside, not really caring where it landed.

I looked up then and caught Kieran’s gaze. His eyes were focused on my breasts, his focus intense. I wanted to hide myself, but after seeing his expression I embraced my inner goddess and let my arms rest at my sides.

He licked his lips and came to me then, his arms coming around me and pulling me tight as his mouth covered mine. My breasts were pressed up against his naked chest and it was all I could do not to whimper. I’d never felt anything so wonderful and we weren’t even to the good part yet.

I rested my hands on his shoulders, not knowing what to do with them since his were quite happily occupied roaming up and down my back. I finally clutched his head, my fingers twisting in his hair as I deepened the kiss. I’d never been so demanding before, but I didn’t care. I wanted this man…I wanted him bad!

He let out a guttural groan as he moved from my mouth down to where neck meets shoulder. His lips were whisper-soft as he nibbled down my chest to my nipple. His lips closed over the tip and he suckled. At that moment my legs buckled and I would’ve fallen if he hadn’t been holding me up.

Ai-yi-yi! I wanted to scream as he deepened the pressure. I was bent almost backwards letting him nibble and suck at his leisure. My grip in his hair had turned into a death grip as I waited to see what he would do next. My breath came fast and hard as my eyes closed and I let my head fall back.

“You are so beautiful.”

I opened up my eyes and glanced down at him. I didn’t know how what to say, so I pressed on the back of his head to bring him to me again. No talking; just kissing. Making out was more fun with him than it had been with anyone else…not that I’d been with a lot of people, mind you.


With those words I was lifted off my feet and tossed onto the middle of the bed. I lay there gasping, my mouth open in shock. Nobody could pick me up and yet Kieran made it seem easy. He reached for the clasp of my jeans and undid them, slowly pulling down the zipper until it was down as far as it would go. He pulled them off, urging my hips up so he could shimmy them down my legs and toss them over his shoulder.

I was left wearing a pair of black hi-cut cotton briefs. Not the sexiest of undergarments, but the look he gave me made me feel like I was wearing the sexiest negligee out there. He got on the bed at my feet and crawled up over me until his head was level with my stomach. Keeping eye contact with me, he leaned down and kissed my navel, his tongue dipping inside in a slow, thrusting motion.

“Oh, you are evil,” I gasped, reaching for him. He easily brushed me off and moved down to the waistband of my panties. He hooked his fingers on both sides and slid them down until they were just barely covering me. His head came down and he rested his nose on my pubic bone. Taking a deep breath he took in my scent and his eyes darkened even more. Now they were like the sky just before a storm; so dark they were almost black.

*To Be Continued...but for how long?*


Anonymous said...

I love when heros tell the heroine how beautiful they are in the heat of passion. Great work!!!

Tara said...

Hey! Here I am in my cubical, leaning over my desk eating my Raman (trying not to slurp Raman-broth all over my key board) an dreading part number four. Eat a few bites, scroll another paragraph. So I get to "dark just before the storm" and reach the end of my page. I pause and take another bit, fully expecting to scroll into another hot an sizzling paragraph -- to be met with asterisks and somewhat less than promising hints at perhaps maybe a part five... I resent this!

I know, I know. I can't be pleased.

And yet... I seem to be tingling with pleasure. How does that work?


You rock, Kaiti!