Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So, I'm doing another all-in-one review. Sometimes it's just easier when reviewing a series. There are certain aspects of this series that really, really bother me. There are also some things about it I absolutely love. I'm going to break them down and let you see what I mean. And there be partial spoilers...just as a warning.

What I Loved:

Jacob-*sigh* If I was a teenaged girl, I'd be totally gaga over Jacob. What a sweet, wonderful boy he started out to be and what a man he's becoming.

The angst of this series. When I say angst, I mean angst! Sheesh, something bad is always happening. It's enough to make me go gray (well, I already am, but that's another story).

The area. Home sweet home. Okay, so I live in Oregon, but the weather is pretty similar. Reminds me of the trips I took to my mom's hometown. Very dreary, but also very beautiful.

The Cullens. Fascinating group of people. Really, they are. Vampires who refuse to eat from humans. They have heart, which makes them fun to read about.


Bella-I'm sorry, but she drove me insane. Oh, I love Edward. No, I love Jacob. No, I want to become a vampire. No, I want to stay human. Enough is enough already. And the whole "I love Edward to the point of insanity" thing? They knew each other for a couple of days and decided they were in LOVE. What? And not only was it love, but it was the BIG L word. It just never jibed with me.

Edward-Okay, so I know there are a lot of Edward fans out there. All I can say is eh. Can you imagine making love to someone who feels like a block of ice? Eesh. Absolutely does nothing for me.

The angst. For the most part it wasn't all bad (especially near the end of Eclipse), but reading New Moon was like pulling teeth. I won't go into any details, but if you've read the books, you'll know what I mean.

Other Thoughts:

I know who I want Bella to end up with. It's kind of obvious how I feel due to whom I love. With the way Eclipse ended...I'm still trying to make up my mind how Breaking Dawn will work out. If Bella ends up with'll totally be a waste of my time.

There are a lot of things about this series that totally rock. The story telling is great and though Bella drives me nuts, the 1st person POV isn't bad either.

It is very dark and angsty though. Definitely something for teens. I dunno how I'd feel letting a child read them. Guess it depends on their maturity level. All in all, I really enjoyed the books with Eclipse being my favorite.

My Ratings:

Twilight: B-
New Moon: C
Eclipse: B+


Tracy said...

I'm so Team Edward it's ridiculous! lol

Great review Chickie! :)

Sarai said...

So here's my rant. I couldn't even finish Eclipse b/c the whole I KNOW I'M RIGHT EDWARD BELONGS TO ME and I REFUSE TO LISTEN TO ANYONE b/c HOW COULD I BE WRONG Bella OMG I hate teenagers. Seriously get a grip its called passion do the deed and move on b/c honey I wouldn't want to be stuck killing animals to survive with the same man/boy who didn't want me to do in the first place (talk about the fights later whoa)
Anywho I wsa for team Jacob and then Edward and then Jacob I ended up buying a shirt for both. *sigh* and I wonder where my money goes?