Monday, September 15, 2008

My Dilemma Part 2

Okay, so I don't necessarily have a dilemma. I still haven't used my gift card. Maybe I'm being ridiculous, but I'm waiting for my birthday (9-22) before I use it. I want to see if I get anything on my wishlist. Does that make me greedy or practical? LOL!

I spent today having a Lisa Kleypas love fest. I only came across her about a year or so ago, thanks to Kristie J and her rampant love of Derek Craven and Dreaming of You. It actually took some doing, but I found a copy of DoY and devoured it. Went out and bought her entire backlist. Authors should love me. I'm not afraid to spend a fortune on a great author. :)

Read It Happened One Autumn, Devil in Winter and Again the Magic. I'm a big fan of Lisa's writing because of the way that she handles her characters. They're not perfect, they have their foibles, but the way she writes the passion between them? Boy-howdy!

My all-time favorite book of hers is Secrets of a Summer's Night. I know a lot of people prefer Dreaming of You, but the reason I love SoaSN is all because of the hero. For some reason, Simon Hunt just does it for me. I actually find a lot of similarities between this book and the movie North and South (the Richard Armitage BBC version). Two different classes, wealthy hero, impoverished heroine, misunderstandings, and a deep abiding love that comes from changing your viewpoint about the lives of others.

I spent most of today dealing with a horrific migraine and the only thing I can do, other than suffer, is read. Go figure. I still feel like crap and my head still hurts, but I'm wide awake. That's what I get for sleeping until 3:30.

I'm hoping to have more reviews soon. Haven't read anything new for awhile. We shall see what I come up with. Nite!


Holly said...

Personally I'm not a huge fan of DoY. I know everyone else lurrves that book, but IMO it's not LK at her best. Sure it's a good book, but I like others much better.

It's funny you bring up Again the Magic, b/c I was just thinking I really wanted to do a re-read of that book. Unfortunately, I can't find mine! Isn't that horribly frustrating?

I think I lent it to Rowena....hmmm.... lol

Tracy said...

Ok I have no idea how to solve your dilemma because I was/am so busy drooling over your header. Dear heavens he's wonderful! lol