Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hex Appeal by Linda Wisdom

Feisty witch Jasmine Tremaine and drop-dead gorgeous vampire cop Nikolai Gregorivich have a hot thing going, but it's tough to keep it together when nightmare visions turn their passion into bickering, and it's tearing them apart.

With a little help from their friends-a motley bunch of ghosts with attitude, rule-breaking witches, supernatural hotties, and sinister elves-Jazz and Nick are in a race against time to uncover whoever it is that's poisoning their dreams, and their relationship...

I admit, I liked this story much better. It was fascinating to see the nightmares that plagued both Jazz & Nick. Each of the dreams were different, but they affected them the same way.

In this book, Ms. Wisdom delves into their relationship a bit more; showing why they do care for each other so much. Still, their history isn't delved into at all, which I find frustrating. I understand they've both lived LONG lives and have been a part of each other's lives for almost all that time, but nothing is really explained. We are told that they had a volatile past, but never shown.

Jazz is still the queen of foot-in-mouth and too quick tempered, but she grew on me this time around. There's a certain part where she's extremely vulnerable and it makes you feel for her. However, there's really no REAL explanation why what happens to her happens (if that makes sense).

I really enjoy the character of Krebs, Jazz's best friend and roommate. He's got great appeal and I think he deserves his own HEA and his own story. Maybe that's just me, but I liked him. :)

I thought the villain was not necessarily lame, but definitely a cliche. Something we've come to expect in the world of villainy. It gets tiring and annoying and all that other good stuff.

All in all, I did enjoy this story much more than I expected. I've just done some research and all I can find are this one and 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover. I wish she'd written another one before that that would've explained more about what happened in the past. Maybe I'm spoiled, but it really bothers me when authors hint at things, but never give a full history or reckoning with their characters. I wish we knew more.

Anyway, I do recommend this series for those of you out there who enjoy a fun romp. The books are cute and fast-paced, once you get used to the pacing.

My Rating: B-

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