Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dating Da Vinci by Malena Lott

Here is another book I was given to review. I feel bad that it's taken me so long to even discuss it. When I was first given the option to read this book, I thought it sounded interesting and that I would be happy to read it.

And then I got it. I've tried reading this book now 4 times and I cannot get into it. It's not that it's badly written or anything, it's just not working for me in my current mood. Maybe if I was looking for this kind of tale, it'd be perfect.

I've gotten as far as the end of the chapter one and then I hit a brick wall...again. I always feel bad when I get books to review and I either don't care for the books or I just can't get into them. This time, it's not that the writing is bad or the book is bad or anything like that, but I just cannot get into it.

I think a lot of times that's the way it is in the reading world. I'm usually in the mood to read paranormals or historicals, but contemporaries are the books that catch me off guard sometimes. I don't know if it's because I'm so picky or if I just haven't read a lot of good ones. It's difficult for me to say.

I've seen reviews for this book that are quite high and I think that's wonderful. Maybe one of these days I'll actually get through the whole book. For now, it's a cannot get into. Here's hoping I can get out of this funk.


Rowena said...

It's too bad that you're not in the mood for this kind of book because I quite enjoyed this book.

Ann-Kat said...

I can completely empathize. After getting through the first chapter, I hit a brick wall at the second chapter, but that was more because the sudden switch of scene/time caught me completely off guard. Once you get through it though, it turns out to be a pretty good light-hearted (in spite of the subject matter) read.

Don't stress too much, just roll with the punches and soon enough, you'll probably be ready to dust it off and finish. :)