Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crazy Weirdness In The Twilight World

So, went over to one of my favorite sites. The Dairi Burger is just one of those places I know I can go to have a good chuckle. Remembering old Sweet Valley High books and why, now as an adult, they truly suck is always entertaining at the very least.

Anyhoodles, ihatewheat, the moderator on that fair site, wrote an interesting short entry on why she can't stand Twilight and that finishing the series would be too much for her. I understood completely. But, she included links to other sites and that is what I wanted to talk about tonight.

Here is one review in particular. The author of the review is quite articulate in why they hate Twilight and I can get behind their views, especially in reference to Bella and Edward's "Twu Wuv". Oy.

The thing that disturbs me the most though is the comments. I was expecting the "how-can-you-hate-Twilight-it's-the-best-book-ever, etc. etc. etc." comments. What threw me though was just how horrible the spelling was. I know, most of them were probably from 14 year old girls who have dedicated their lives to Edward and how he makes their girly parts tingle, which is all well and good. But the English! Or the lack of it thereof. The English departments all across the country should be hanging their heads in shame.

99% of the problem is that most of these kids are texters. Shorter words means more space on the cell phone for conversations. Fine. But when you're writing a comment on a site that is obviously not a cell phone and your spelling is that attrocious? For shame!

If I had the ability to go out there and see just what was going on in the English classrooms in America, I'd hope I'd see something other than what I saw in those comments. It makes me mad. What is up with the lack of spelling, grammar, etc. in the US today? It's sad and it makes my head hurt.


Michele said...

When my sister was in school she had an English teacher who insisted that there was no reason to use an apostrophe to show possession. I wanted to go to the school and correct this idiot but I didn't. And where I work we had to brief our new reps on how to write professional correspondance and not use internet/text language. Sad indeed. And I haven't read 'Twilight' yet.

Anonymous said...

I really liked "Twilight" as a YA series, but I don't get the whole Bella being so obsessive with someone cold, dead & glittery (Edward the stone statue with no heart) when she's got hot, hunky and beastly in hugely muscles and completely sexy Jacob. *sighs* :o)

Tracy said...

It's amazing to me how many ADULTS there are that can't spell their way out of a paper bag. Seriously. I can't stand it when my oldest doesn't focus on her english work/spelling. Drives me nuts! lol