Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Apologize

I just posted this over on my blog, but will post this here too.

I'm sorry Part 4 is not going up today. I've got a lot going on today that isn't allowing me five minutes to sit down and think, let alone write this story. I will do my very bestest to make sure it is up tomorrow. And I'll make it longer too.

Thanks for all the great comments. You make me think I might actually be a good writer. Yay! :D


Tara said...

I will forgive you this one time for starving me of my Part 4 of Untitled.

But just this once!

Christine said...

Oooo this is cool. I apologize for only catching wind of this now!!! I will have to come back and read later, though. I'm super drowsy and need to get up super early tomorrow.

Happy Writing! :)