Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Know, I Know...

I went missing again. Truthfully, it wasn't that I didn't want to talk books, but honestly? I've kind of hit a road bump. Most of the books I've read are for actual reviews and I can't post them until March.

And life right now is very much a bumpy ride. My uncle had a massive, almost died, really scary heart attack yesterday, work is super busy and I'm trying to keep positive. Eep!

And so there you go. Bridget wrote a short story on her blog. Thought I'd share it with you here. It's part 1, so she SHOULD have more going up later. One hopes (and how weird is it that I'm referring to myself in the 3rd person?).

Titleless Story Part 1 (By Bridget Locke)

I remember that night well. I should since it’s the day everything changed. It was Valentine’s Day, that most hated of “holidays.” In all my years (30), I’d never had an actual Valentine and really wasn’t expecting much. My best friend Joy conned me into meeting up with her at a bar though I don’t drink or dance.

We met up at nine and I had to laugh when I saw her. She was decked out in typical “Joy” wear: a red camisole, extremely short black leather skirt, fishnet thigh-highs and her favorite stiletto boots. I felt downright overdressed in my black jeans and red t-shirt. She gave me a hug and dragged me over to a group of people sitting behind the sound system. It was so loud I could barely hear, let alone think, but I smiled and sat down on one of the available chairs.

We ordered drinks and as the others talked (or should I say yelled), I watched the mob of people out on the dance floor. Pink, red, and white were the dominant colors, with a lot of black thrown in. I guess I wasn’t the only one who hated Valentine’s.

I saw him first as he stepped down the stairs to the dance floor. He was surrounded by others, but his aura was strong. He was also really, really tall, which definitely made me sit up and take notice. Being 6’1” myself, it’s hard to find guys I had to look up to. He would definitely fit the bill.

Without thinking I stood up, abandoning my friend and the rest to go speak to this man. I had no idea what I was going to say, but I felt compelled to at least try. I wound my way through the throng of people and stopped when I reached the steps down to the floor. He stood not ten feet away from me, his body swaying to the music. I was impressed with his grace and the fluidity of his motions. Now I really had to talk to him.

I made my way over to him and stopped behind him, trying to get up the nerve to make the first move. I was just getting ready to clear my throat and tap him on his shoulder when he spun around and looked down at me. That’s when my head went blank and all I could do was stare up into his eyes.

They were silver; not blue or green or even hazel, but pure, beautiful silver. Thick black lashes surrounded them and they were downright mesmerizing.


I swallowed, trying to get back my ability to speak.

“Hello,” I managed to squeak out, feeling like an imbecile.

He smiled and reached out, his finger brushing down the side of my face. A shiver raced down my spine as his touch did things to my insides. Sure, I hadn’t had sex in two years, but holy cow, this guy was potent.

I sighed and leaned into his hand, my eyelashes fluttering shut as he leaned forward, his lips brushing mine ever so gently.

“Come with me.”

I opened my eyes and nodded. This was totally out of character for me but I wasn’t going to let this man get away. I might only have one night with him, but I knew it was a night I would never forget.

*To Be Continued…*


Anonymous said...

Great job, Bridget! I'm not too fond of the "To be continued", however. ;)

Oh, and I'm still lookin forward to the review for that book you were raving about but couldn't name.

Tracy said...

More! I demand more! lol

Amy C said...

That was great!

I read the second part first and had to backtrack for the first part :).

Tara said...

Ooo - I feel all jittery. Hope I have time to read the other two pieces before my lunch is over.