Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Once Bitten, Twice Shy and Another One Bites The Dust...both by Jennifer Rardin

Okay, so this isn't going to be a true review. More like an overview of why I really like this series (so far) and why I think it's a shame humor is so nonexistent in so many paranormals. Ready for my rant? :)

How I came to read these books is kind of a funny story. Jennifer friended me on Facebook and then I felt guilty because I'd never read any of her stuff before. I picked up Once Bitten, Twice Shy, snarfed it down and wondered why on earth I'd waited so long.

So why do I like this series so much? I think 99% of it has to do with Jaz. She's irreverant, snarky and cracks my butt up. She's not perfect by any means. Has a ton of baggage and sometimes makes really stupid, rash decisions, but (and this is a big but) she stays true to herself. It's not one minute she makes an idiot of herself and then all of a sudden is perfect.

Not at all. In fact, she's not the most coordinated person in the world and there's a truly LOL moment in AOBTD when she walks into a tent pole (read it). I snorted and almost choked on my tea when I read it.

And that's where my rant comes from. I'm a big fan of paranormals. I love them actually. I've read everything from vampires to pixies and I love the genre, but the one big complaint I have about so many of them is that they've lost their sense of humor. The authors expect us to take the characters ultra-seriously and there aren't a lot of light moments to balance the dark.

Why? I think in a book where you're up against unbelievable odds that there should be some moments of levity. Facing down the ultimate baddy? Make an obnoxious retort. Laugh at him. Do something other than angst. Face your fears and move on.

Jaz does that. She has a lot of dark moments in these books; facing the death of her loved ones, her separation from her family, almost dying multiple times, but she never loses her sense of humor.

And Vayl. What a great hero. Has so much potential to be a perfect hero. Yummy, sexy, likes her for WHO she is, and willing to be there to cover her back.

So, this is my "review" of Jennifer Rardin's Jaz Sparks series (so far). I wish I had the fundage to go buy the others in the series. Have to wait until Friday. *sigh*

My overall grade so far? A very solid B+

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Tracy said...

I've not read anything she's written but I'd love to see humor in a paranormal. Thanks for the review. Or should I be thanking you? Ok, I thank you but by wallet doesn't. lol