Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Intentions

That fell by the wayside.

Hey, everyone. Just so you know...I'm not dead (I don't think). I just haven't really read a lot lately. I've been focusing on finishing the first draft of book 1 and that's been taking up a lot of my time. I'm also trying to get a life. I sad.

But, I'm thrilled that I've come up with titles for books 1-4 and can now actually call them something other than The WIP from hell. Would you like to know what they are? Wouldja? Come on! I know you do. LOL!

Here it is!

The Altered Series:

State of Being (book 1)
State of Magic (book 2)
State of Grace (book 3)
State of Mind (book 4)

I'm this close to finishing my first...I won't say draft because that means I'm almost done. I'm almost done with all the scenes for book 1 and then I'll write out the rough draft. With 90% of the scenes done, that means it shouldn't take me very long to write & finish the first real draft. That'll go off to my Beta-Reader (hi, Tracy!) and then once she gets back to me I can start on clean-up and all that good stuff.

My ultimate goal is to have book 1 off to agents by the end of 2009 and hopefully sold by next year. *crossing fingers* I've also got the plots for books 2 & 3 basically figured out and the basic concept of book 4 all ready. So, I can start on those while waiting for feedback.

As for the reading front. Eh. I've read a couple of good books this month, but so far it's been pretty slim pickings. Kind of makes me sad. *sniffle* I'm looking forward to read the Smart Bitches new book. I love the SBs. One of the bestest sites out there!

And that's about it in my neck of the woods. I'll try to keep this blog better updated. As soon as I read a decent book I will review it. *sigh*

Have a great weekend & a Happy Easter!

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orannia said...

Happy Easter Bridget :)

I LOVE the titles! And you don't ever need to apologise for working on your dream and living your life :)

I'm crossing my fingers that the WIP continues to progress well!!