Monday, December 3, 2007

Interview With Jeaniene Frost

Hey, All! I'm back, but not officially. I'm still not able to type much. I'm trying very hard to type with a brace. Let me just say's very, very difficult.

I've been lucky enough with this blog to get in contact with some wonderful authors. If you've read my blog, you'll see I reviewed Ms. Frost's book Halfway to the Grave not that long ago. We started emailing & she very generously has agreed to be interviewed by lil' ol' me. :) I hope you enjoy!

Question 1: How did you come up with the idea of Cat & Bones?

From a dream. In my dream, this guy and girl were arguing, and I knew she was a half-vampire and he was a full vampire. The story grew from my wondering about the reason why they were arguing, who they were, and what had gotten them to that point.

Question 2: Exactly how did Bones get that nickname? I don't remember if you explained that in the book.

Bones picked that name because when he was changed into a vampire, he woke up as a vampire in a burial ground with scattered bones all around him (explained in Chapter Seven). Actually, I knew his name before I knew the reason behind it. It's odd - and fun - how characters will leak information out while I'm writing.

Question 3: How long did you write before you got published?

Hmm, I started writing just before I turned thirty (early mid-life crisis, anyone?). I got the call that Harper wanted to buy my books one month before I turned thirty-three, so almost exactly three years.

Question 4: What made you want to write? Was it some big thing or did you always know it was what you wanted to do?

I knew I wanted to write since I was twelve. I'd always loved to read, and as far back as I can remember, I've had vivid dreams that I would make up stories about. But procrastination is a killer. I did the "I'll start to write a book...later," thing for well over a decade.

Question 5: Can you tell me anything about book 2?

Sure...but then I'll have to kill you ;) Seriously, I can't say much until my editor gives me permission, but I can say that yes, Bones will be in book two. I get asked that question the most from readers.

Question 6: How do you keep track of your characters? Are you one of those really organized writers or is it more by the seat of your pants?

Me, organized? *laughs* Ah, no. I keep track of my characters by re-reading, chanting particulars in my head, and general seat of the pants method. My main characters are easy to remember particulars about, of course. It's some of the minor characters that I have to watch to make sure I don't call a blond a brunette or something like that.

Question 7: What's your favorite aspect of the world you've created? Is there anything you wish you could have changed before it got published?

Like most authors I know, if I could go back and rewrite parts of HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE, I would. There's some things I think could be tighter, some parts that could have been better explained, and some aspects that should have been altered. I have to let go, though, and remember that what I've learned as an author since then can be applied to future books, but not that one.

What's my favorite aspect of HTTG's world? That vampires aren't automatically evil. I don't like when choice is taken away from someone - or some species - and therefore I made my vampires have the free will to do right or wrong. Personal accountability is a big thing for me, so that bled through to the world I made.

Question 8: What do you do for fun when you're not writing?

I am going to come across as so boring, but I read. Or watch movies with my husband. Go out to dinner. See my family. Occasionally I get to traipse through cemeteries, which I really like, but not so often, as there's few takers on that when I suggest it as an outing.

Question 9: What's your favorite animal & why?

Right now I'm going to say dogs, because my spoiled doggie daughter might read this and get very offended if I named another creature, lol.

If not for their criminally high cancer rate, I'd say ferrets. I had six ferrets and loved them to pieces, but they get every disease known to man and die too young. It's a real shame. They're wonderful pets otherwise.

Question 10: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Alaska. I so want to go there. Between the scenery and the animals, it's the place I most want to visit.

Question 11: Do you like to listen to music when you write or are you more into peace and quiet? I know for myself I always have to have music playing in the background.

I listen to music to get in the mood for writing, and to get my thoughts together. When I actually write, though, I prefer quiet.

Question 12: Favorite color?

Blue. I tend to gravitate toward that.

Question 13: What do you do to write love scenes? Does it come naturally or do you have to psych yourself up?

Ha ha, if this weren't a public post, I'd have so much fun coming up with joking answers to that *wink*. But in reality, I don't do anything different before writing those scenes than I do for any others. I try to get into my character's heads. Push my own preferences/morality aside and write what I see happening. I can tell you I NEVER write a love scene with the thought that other people - like my parents - are going to read it. They'd have a whole different, highly-censored content if I wrote them with that mentality.

I want to thank Jeaniene for answering the questions & just being awesome! Thank you!


Devon said...

Nice interview. I really liked this book and I know I was really sick of vamp books.

Christine said...

Hi Lady!
This is my first time on your blog, but I share the same interest in books and got very excited to stumble upon this interview you were able to do with Jeaniene Frost. I absolutely LOVED Halfway to the Grave, so I'm psyched to have gotten a bit of insight with this interview. You asked some really cool questions. Thanks for sharing, Lady! ;)

I actually like cemeteries, too. And I don't think its really morbid or anything. I find them to be beautiful and serene. I'm reminded of the people who have touched other lives and who are now gone from Earth, and also reminded to cherish the gift of life I have. :)