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Robin T. Popp

I've been trying to figure out a way to write this review without A. sounding too critical & B. wondering why I read these books. Let me try to explain what I mean. There is nothing wrong with these books, but there's something not quite...right about them either.

The books: Out of the Night, Seduced by the Night, Tempted in the Night, and Lord of the Night.

Blurb for Out of the Night-Lanie Weber isn't afraid of danger. As a volunteer firefighter, this seemingly mild-mannered librarian has faced life-or-death situations before--and survived. But she has no idea what's waiting for her in the dark Amazon the staring eyes of a mysterious statue...and in the strong arms of a seductive stranger. Veteran pilot Mac Knight has vowed to help Lanie find out what has happened to her scientist father. But at Dr. Weber's secret research lab, they find only five dead bodies--and a creature believed to live solely in legends. The nightmare, however, is real. When Mac is attacked and bitten, Lanie fights to keep him alive. When he presses his lips to her throat, she yields to his touch. And when his teeth graze her flesh, she hungers for more...

Let me start off by saying that Ms. Popp isn't a bad writer. She's not the best, but she pulls off (to a certain extent) an interesting story. She takes a well-known legend (vampires) and tweaks it in a way that's definitely different. However, in some ways she also writes herself into a corner with the first book.

Basically, Lanie's father is a scientist who specializes in researching things that don't exist i.e., vampires, the Loch Ness monster, etc. He's on the trail of La Chupacabra and she hasn't really had any contact with him for a few years. She gets news of his death, decides to go see where he was doing his research and Mac is the one who flies her there.

Mac is a jerk; at least at the beginning. He treats her like she's a child, he's bad-mannered, and he drugs her when he finds out she's afraid to fly. He's heavy handed and I never really liked him throughout the whole book.

Lanie is supposed to be this tough chick who's a librarian by day, but a volunteer firefighter by night. She comes across as whiny, a know-it-all and horny.

Instead of vampires being like they usually are, it turns out they're created by La Chupacabras instead. This is why I say Ms. Popp writes herself into a corner. All throughout the first book, she writes the story as if this mystical being isn't known by anyone, doesn't exist (except in the dark jungles) and that what happened at this research facility is something that's unique.

Add changelings, a slayer family (with some amazing *snort* connections), vampires that aren't bad (or are they) and some other stuff, and you come up with a mishmashed, inconsistent story.

My question is how do you create a whole series on something that's supposed to be so unique and different? Basically, you change the history. In the next book, she starts referring to men who are created by the beast as Primes and men who are turned into vampires by Primes as progeny. Say what? When did that happen? Not mentioned AT ALL in the first book.

I think she had an interesting concept, but something got lost in the execution. I've read all four books. I'm not sure what kept compelling me to each book, but I finished all four.

Each book is basically the same formula..."tough" hero who is supposedly all manly & supposedly protective, but comes across as more of a bully and a heroine that's usually more stubborn than she should be who has some TSTL moments that made me want to tear out my hair.

I rate the whole series as a C-. I don't know if it's just me. Maybe someone else will read this series and absolutely love it. I just didn't like the inconsistencies or the explanatory prose. I'd rather be shown than told any day.

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Kristie (J) said...

I haven't tried any of her books. I think I have one or two - but as yet unread. Judging by your thoughts, there are probably more I should read ahead of hers in my very scary TBR pile.