Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter

The Back Blurb-He is Death, destined to be her executioner.

Ordered by the gods to escort the tempestuous Anya’s soul to hell, Lucien is an immortal warrior torn between duty and desire. For Anya sparks the flames of passion inside him as no one else ever has.

She is Anarchy, as beautiful as she is deadly.

There is nothing Anya wants more than to be Lucien’s lover. His half-hearted attempts to kill her are exhilarating. His kisses – electrifying.

They should have been enemies but they become allies, traveling the world to find and destroy an ancient relic of the gods before it can be used against him -- separating them for eternity.

I read the first book in the series & didn't like it all that much. The relationship between Maddox & Ashlynn did nothing for me. However, I admit to being intrigued by Anya, the Goddess of Dissent. She was funny, quirky, and helped end the crisis that Maddox & Ashlynn were having issues with.

So, what did I think of The Darkest Kiss? I actually enjoyed it. Watching Death & Dissent fight it out? Fascinating. :)

The humor was great, the sexual tension was hot, and the story was interesting.

What I liked about the story:

Anya-She hasn't had an easy life. As a small child, she had a horrible curse placed upon her because of something her mother did. Ever since she can remember she's been alone. Because she is the type of Goddess she is, she lives to create strife and confusion wherever she goes. But, she's learned to temper that to the point where if she steals things and goes to her comfort zone, she'll be okay.

Lucien-Hottie, hot, hot. :) He's so tormented. And the fact that a beautiful woman wants him totally boggles his mind. He can't understand why, but once he figures it out?'s sweet.

The basic overall storyline-Throughout most of the story they're looking for a particular something. Lots of action/adventurey running around.

I'm starting to feel for Paris. At the end of the book? Sad. But can you imagine being cursed with the demon of Promiscuity? You can only have sex with a woman once and you'll never desire her again? On top of that, you HAVE to have sex in order to have power? Talk about suck! Ha, I made a pun! :)

What I didn't like-

The resolution. It didn't make sense, especially with the mythology Ms. Showalter created. If giving up a certain something makes one weak? Well, it just didn't work as intended. If it makes sense to someone else, please explain it to me. :)

Cronus...what a buttmunch. He can't keep his nose out of anyone's business & spends most of his time making life hell for all kinds of people. Annoying, much?

The Hunters. Supposedly they're insane, but Ms. Showalter doesn't go into enough detail as to why they really exist. She hints at it & in some ways makes me think of the Lessers from JR Ward's world...

My Overall Rating:

C+ It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either. I'd rate it somewhere in the middle.

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