Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

If I'm being completely honest (and I usually am) I'm just too stinkin' lazy to go find the back blurb for this story. There, I'm bad. :-P

Cry Wolf is another fascinating look into the world of Mercy Thompson. However, Cry Wolf is not about Mercy. It is the continuing story of Charles, the Marrok’s son & Enforcer and Anna, Charles’ mate told in the time after Moon Called and during Blood Bound.

Their story actually started in the anthology On The Prowl. They met, their wolves decided they were mates, and that was it. Or was it? See, Anna is an Omega wolf. I’ve always thought that the Omega was basically the very bottom of the wolf hierarchy. They’re usually the ones who are picked on and basically treated like crap. In Ms. Briggs’ world though, she’s decided that Omegas are something completely different.

Before Charles met Anna and set her free, her life was a living hell. She had been changed without any warning (or want to) and then had been used as the wolves’ sexual plaything at the behest of her Alpha. To say that she’s not exactly thrilled to be Charles’ mate is kind of an understatement.

At the start of Cry Wolf, Charles has taken Anna back home with him to the Marrok’s territory. He had been injured severely at the end of Alpha & Omega and is recovering from his wounds. Their arrival is fraught with tensions because it’s right when Doc’s funeral (doctor in Moon Called) starts. Most of the people in town blame Bran for Doc’s death, even though Doc needed to die because he couldn’t control his wolf.

Anna is able to use her powers as Omega to calm a particular person down, Samuel sticks up for his father and the story moves on.

Once everything calms down after the funeral, Bran asks Charles to go check out a rogue werewolf who has been killing humans in the woods. It’s in the middle of the mountains & Bran manipulates it so that Anna goes too. Charles is not happy with that turn of events, but he knows they have to solidify their mating bond and the best way to do that is to be alone together.

Cry Wolf is definitely an adventure romance. 99% of the story follows the events after they leave for the mountains. There are some really crazy twists and turns in this story. It’s watching Charles and Anna get comfortable with their bond. It’s about past history. It also reveals A LOT about Bran.

Because the Mercy Thompson books are all told from her POV, you get to know the other characters as she knows them. Cry Wolf is told in 3rd person POV and you get to see different aspects of the story from multiple POVs.

An interesting love story, growth of a great world and fascinating characters. I totally *heart* Patricia Briggs.

Rating: A

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