Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Wild Road by Marjorie M. Liu

A woman wakes in a strange room, covered in blood, surrounded by the dead. She does not know who she is. Pinned on her jacket is a crumpled not. Run, it reads.

Lannes Hannelore is one of a dying race born to protect mankind against demonic forces. And while those who look upon him see a beautiful man, this illusion is nothing but a prison. His existence is one of pure isolation, hiding in plain sight, with brief solace found in simple pleasures: stretching his wings on a stormy night, long late drives on empty highways, the deep soul of sad songs. But when Lannes finds a young woman covered in blood--desperate and alone, with no memory or past--he will be drawn into a mystery that makes him question all he knows. And though it goes against his nature and everything he fears, Lannes will risk his heart, his secrets, and his very soul in order to save someone who could be the love of his life...or the end of it.

This book was a wild ride. It starts out with a bang and just goes on from there. It's one of those stories that has so many twists and turns, you don't know what end is up. But, it's never confusing. Not like some other books I could mention. :)

Lannes Hannelore is a great hero. I won't tell you what he is, because it's fun finding out all on your own. He's unique, in the sense that he hasn't had a great deal of exposure to humanity. He's very sheltered for someone of his age.

When he meets the heroine, he is surprised that he is drawn to someone like her. I like their first meeting. It's funny in a good way.

This book is very hard for me to go into detail about, because there are A LOT of things revealed in this book. Not just who the heroine is, but things that have been brought up in previous books. There are characters that will surprise you and people who make you say "Huh?"

I will say that it would be best to have read all of the previous books in the series. The Wild Road is pretty much standalone, but there are definitely references to characters and things that you won't have a clue about if you haven't read the other Dirk & Steele books.

I greatly enjoyed this book, as per usual. I love Ms. Liu's lyrical writing. It feels like she's going back to the writing I love so much. Though this is a romance, I would say that the sex is almost nonexistent. It's more about the spiritual aspect of love than the physical in this book. You'll know what I mean when you read it.

If you're a fan of the Dirk & Steele world, you will love this book. I especially recommend reading Soul Song before reading this book. There are things in that book that go with this one.

It sucks that I can't write more! I hate having spoilers of any kind in my reviews, because it's not fair to someone who hasn't read the story. *sigh*

My Rating: B

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I loved this one too! : )