Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Elevator by Angela Hunt

I don't remember where I saw this book's blurb, but it sounded intriguing. When I was at B&N earlier today picking up other books, I picked it up.

Back Blurb-Three Women. One Man. A Gathering Storm

In the path of a devastating hurrican, three very different women find themselves trapped in the elevato of a high-rise office building All three conceal shattering secrets--unaware that their secrets center on the same man.

The betrayed wife, eager to confront her faithless husband, with rage in her heart and a gun in her pocket...

The determined mistress, finally ready to tell her lover she wants a marriage and a family...

The fugitive cleaning woman, tormented by the darkest secret of all...

As the storm rages ever closer, these three must unite to fight for their lives in the greatest test of courage any woman could ever face.

My thoughts...Ah! I hate trying to put my thoughts together when writing my reviews. My brain always fries on me and I get stuck. *sigh* I shall do my best.

For one thing, the back blurb explains the book pretty well. Three women, connected by one man, stuck in an elevator. Simple enough, right?

What I liked:

The story. Definitely different. Each woman was pretty much what you'd expect.

The tension. The story definitely got tenser the further the book went.

What I didn't like:

The Resolution of the story. Fell totally flat for me. I was seriously disappointed at how the book ended. Seemed like a total waste.

The POV. Written in 3rd person present tense. I LOATHE 3PPT. Hate it! She puts, she feels, etc. etc. Nuts!

The Characters. I understood why the characters did what they did, but they all came across as pretty 2 dimensional. I had a hard time feeling sympathy for any of them.

The POV switches were pretty random and confusing. Who was who again? Not necessarily head-hopping, but it got to the point where I wasn't sure who or how particular characters were connected to the story.

All in all, I wasn't fully satisfied with this story. It coud have been handled in a much better way.

My Rating: C-

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