Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Pagan Stone by Nora Roberts

No back blurb...be happy I'm writing a review. It's been a hellish week.

Anywho, I last expressed my dissatisfaction with this latest trilogy offering by La Nora back when I reviewed book 2, The Hollows. I am happy to say that book 3 was better, but it's still not the Nora I expect. *sigh*

In this book, the story is focused on Gage & Cybil. Gage is a gambler and Cybil is a nerd. Well, a sexy nerd, but a nerd all the same.

Exchanging of snarky commentary w/ sexual undertones, rampant sexual dreams, bad juju, etc. etc. It's basically a rehashing of every trilogy La Nora has written for the last five or so years. Color me bored.

I feel bad, because I am a really big fan of her writing, especially her older stuff with the MacGregors and the Stanislaskis. In those books, I felt that she showed the families in such a realistic light. She still does with the witty repartee and the bonds of human connection, but she again focuses too much on the EVIL BAD, not the romance.

There's a moment in this book where I literally snorted and rolled my eyes. It is so completely ridiculous and unrealistic that it totally took away any enjoyment I would've had. Yes, it was there specifically for a plot device and would help out the characters at the end when they finally defeat the EB, but I gotta tell ya, it just totally came across as ridiculous. It involves all three of the women. I won't go into details, but if anyone has read this book, please tell me what you thought. Because to me? Didn't make any sense at all.

And so...my thoughts. Still very disappointed in how each book read as basically the same. I want something different. I don't know if she has anything that'd be considered "different" due to how many books she's written, but I sure would like to get out of this paranormal trilogy thing and maybe go back to the family-driven sagas that she excels at. Just a thought.

My Rating: C+

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Liz said...

So glad to find someone else who hates the way Nora has gone into the other-worldly stuff. I found it quite tolerable when it was smaller doses (such as the "Born in" trilogy). But sheesh, lately ... I couldn't even read this last series. And I so loved all her earlier stuff. That woman can spin a plot!

I've just finished a satisfying romance, The Silent Note. A secret concealed within a piano for decades is the impetus for learning to live and love again, plus sends the main characters on a love story from long ago. Great fun. Beyond the story, it's kind of fun to get a glimpse of a much earlier era, the etiquette and formalities of boy/girl behavior and the beautiful language of letter writing back then.