Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Enchanted by Anna J. Evans

I recently had a major buying spree over at Ellora's Cave and received my order this morning. Enchanted is one of the books I received.

Back Blurb:

Princess Wren is the queen of one-night stands. She's survived centuries of enchantment by taking her pleasure where she can get it and keeping her wounded heart under lock and key. It hasn't been easy, but Wren knows that falling in love would be insanely foolish. Cursed to forever be the "other woman", she can think of nothing worse than losing her hear to a man who would be with her for only one night.

Austin Taylor is nursing a wounded heart of his onw, and has a crush on his next-door neighbor that is quickly becoming an obsession. How can he resist a night of passion with the only woman who has ever tempted him to abandon his hard won control and succumb to all his secret desires?

With the help of a penitent witch, these two soul mates are getting ready to learn what it means to find the love--and lover--of a lifetime.

I bought this book specifically because of the preview. It read as something I might be interested and I thought the premise was interesting. Cursed to have nothing but one-night stands, Wren has learned that love doesn't exist...at least not for her.

Attracted to her neighbor, but knowing what will happen if they ever have sex, she's resigned to the fact that she's going to continue having meaningless sex with each man she chooses.

Austin also has his sights set on her, but due to something in his past (of course) he's afraid to push for anything. He's hot for her, but knows that he can't do anything about it. It's not until a confrontation with another neighbor that they start actually talking.

One thing leads to another, but due to the curse, Wren is positive he will leave her before the night is through. Aw shucks. *sniffle*

My Thoughts: I actually really did enjoy this story. I thought it was a different twist on the cursed soul mate book. The sex was unbelievably smokin' hot and had a lot of emotion behind it, if that makes sense. So often with romantica you get a lot of sex, but the emotion seems to be lacking. With this book, the emotion is potent and raw.

Was it perfect? No. The Big Misunderstanding was ridiculous, but I can understand why Wren thought was she did. After all these years...well, it made sense in her eyes.

All in all, it was enjoyable and when I put the book down, I did with a happy sigh. I'm thinking that can't be a bad thing. :)

My Rating: B-


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Amy C said...

Hey, I just read an Anna J. Evans book last night! Captured pubbed with Samhain. It was pretty darn good, IMO.