Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Angel's Pawn by Nalini Singh (E-Book)

Boy, oh boy, oh boy! Okay, so for any of you out there who DON'T know, I'm a HUGE Nalini Singh fan. I first came across her via e-harlequin (I think) and she was such a sweet lady I snapped up Slave To Sensation and have never looked back.

She has a new series coming out. The print book is called Angel's Blood and it comes out next Tuesday. I've been waiting with bated breath for this book to come out and when I heard that she had an e-book that was connected to this new series coming out...well, of course I had to snap it up! And hello, so cheap. he-he

I haven't read Angel's Blood yet (no ARC for me *sniffle*), but I've heard wonderful things about it. The thing I love about Angel's Pawn is that it gives me an idea of what I might be getting into with AB. In Angel's Pawn, we're introduced to Ashwini, a guild-hunter who has an...interesting relationship with Janvier, a vampire. In this world, vampires were created by angels who hold this over the vampires for a term of service (usually 100 years).

Ashwini has been contacted by Nazarach, an angel, who wants her to stop a feud between two rival vampires. I gotta admit, it's hard to describe this book. The names keep tripping me up. Suffice it to say, this story has a LOT of sexual tension. favorite. No sex, but sexual tension up the wazoo.

And the way it's ended...PLEASE TELL ME WE GET MORE!!!!!! I'm demanding here! LOL! If you love Nalini Singh, I can't recommend that you get this e-book enough. Yes, it's an e-book which is kind of annoying, but trust's worth it.

Overall Rating: A


Nicola O. said...

ppsssst, it's "Angels' Blood," not "Angel's Blood."

Also sitting on the bereft-of-arc bench. But I got an arc for HTP so I guess i can't complain too much.

orannia said...

*SIGH* Want to read Angel's Pawn but can't read eBooks - I have evil dial-up still. Maybe when I have a newish computer and broadband :)

Thank you for the review!