Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Love/Hate Relationship With E-Books

First off, sorry I've been pretty much AWOL this past month. I really and truly haven't been reading that much and what I have read hasn't been worth blogging about. How sad is that? Anyway, I decided to write tonight about my love/hate with e-books. I've been buying them, but have had definite mixed results. So, here's why I love/hate them and a few mini-reviews of some of my favorites (so far).

Why I love e-books...

1. Easy to read. You can change the font-size to a size that's comfortable.
2. Convenient. Upload to your computer and take it with you (if you have an e-reader...which I don't).
3. Sneaky. I don't feel guilty for reading erotica since nobody but me can see what I'm reading
4. Samhain...I love this site. Easy to use, funny descriptions and excellente customer service.
5. Finding some really great, super nice authors out there. Yay!

Why I hate e-books....

1. Don't have an e-reader, so can only read them on my laptop. Unless I want to print them out, that means I have to cart my laptop around to read them.
2. Horrible covers...for the most part anyway. Another reason why I'm glad I can read them via computer.
3. Some of the other e-book sites out there. Hard to use and hurt my eyes.
4. Not being able to get a really good idea what you're getting. At least with a paperback you can flip through and read the first chapter or two. With e-books you get a basic snippet and have to pray you're getting something decent.

There's my basic reasons. :) Now, on to my favorite part. Writing reviews on books I actually enjoyed. When I come across an author who writes good books, doesn't matter if it's print or e-format, I glom them. I go and buy as much of their backlist as I can afford. Some writers that's easier said than done.

Authors I've come across that I LIKE!

Lauren Dane-Her Cascadia Wolves series is great. My only complaint? I had to go to Ellora's Cave AND Samhain to get the whole series. Very annoying.

Evangaline Anderson-She writes predominately m/m, but wrote a great little romance called Wishful Thinking that is one of my favorites so far. It's very sweet and sexy. I haven't read her m/m stuff. I'm just not a big m/m fan.

Lacey Alexander-This woman writes some of the hottest love scenes I've ever read. Some of them are almost uncomfortable to read, but they are smokin' hot! Phew!

Dana Marie Bell-I've really enjoyed her Halle Pumas series. I also just bought Very Much Alive. Holy Moly Macaroni that book was...wow...smokin' doesn't even cover it. It's definitely got some m/m going on, but 90% of it is m/m/f. And phewey, it's scorching. :)

Madison Hayes-She wrote the Calendar Girls series. Some of them are better than others, but for the most part I really like her style. Also, the author blurb when she tells about how she met her husband? Why don't things like that happen to me? :)

Mari Carr-Tequila Truth and Erotic Research. Two very different books, but both good...and hot. :)

Kate Steele-I've only read To Trust a Wolf and To Tempt a Wolf, but I LOVED them. Great stories and fun too. And the sex, again, was super hot. :)

Katie Allen-Breaking the Silence is the only book by her that I've read (I think it's the only one she's written...so far), but I really really enjoyed it. A full, in-depth story with hot sex and a great couple. I cannot recommend that book enough (and blame KB for starting it).

There you go. A list of my fave erotica e-book authors. I hope you give at least one of them a try. If you want any suggestions, just email me. I'd be happy to get you started. :)


Chris said...

Thanks for the recommendations! Since I HAD to get Angel's Pawn, I've just purchased my first ebook. My choices are reading it on my Palm Tungsten E2 or on my laptop. We'll see how it goes...

Anonymous said...

I JUST got my ereader and I'm slowly falling in love. I agree, it is much more covenient. But I find with "keepers" I want them in print.

Oh and speaking of glomming. I just totally glommed an ebook on my blog, lol!

Kara said...

I am hoping for an eReader too - right now I read on my laptop and my Palm T/X.

I am going to try some of your favorites - I've read a couple of the books - but I want to try the west.

One of my favorite authors is N.J. Walters at Ellora's Cave - her Dalakis Passion series (vampire) is great.

Anonymous said...

I share your feelings on e-books. I don't yet have an e-reader (I am lusting for the Kindle2) so reading online novels is a pain. Plus there is something about holding a good book in my hands or seeing it sitting on my 'to keep' book shelf.

Amy said...

I am so glad to hear from a customer that she thought the covers of erotic ebooks were ridiculous. I don't like them, either, which is why we have a minimalist cover on all our stories. You might appreciate it: www.paper-bag-press.com

Loved your recommendations, as well.


Tracy said...

I'll have to try some of those you've recommended.

If you have any extra cash go for the ebookwise when you consider getting the ereader. Not expensive and a great little thing to have.

Blanche said...

I don't have an eReader....it has been on my wishlist for a few years now! I did however just buy myself an iTouch and I am going to be able download ebooks on to it as soon as we get wireless...2 weeks and counting!! :)

I love so many of the authors you shared...all really good books!!

Chris said...

Heh, it's probably sad how often I refer to this post... Just wanted to let you know how handy it has been for me! Just started the Cascadia Wolves series - and am reading it on my Astak EZ Reader.