Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Yeesh! You know your week is starting on a funky note when it's Tuesday night and it feels like a Friday. *sigh*

Things are not going so well in the reading front. I've read a bunch of books, but they're honestly not really worth blogging about. How sad is that? I know I promised myself I'd blog about ALL the books I read, but honestly? I think that promise is a bit overmuch. So, I'll content myself with reading rather craptastic blah books and saving y'all from the boredom.

I was a bad girl yesterday. I went to t-mobile to just look at new phones since I was up for renewal and upgrading. Um...I ended up walking out of the store with a BlackBerry Pearl. *headdesk* But you know what? It was totally worth it. A phone that's regularly $349.99 will end up costing me $79.99 after all of the rebates are done. I am soooooo not complaining. And it's so pretty! Metallic purple. My coworker said this morning "It's the color of a blackberry!" Doh! :)

I'm wondering why it is that I've got 19 books TBR (to-be-read) on my goodreads account and yet I have no inclination to read any of them at the moment? And some of them I KNOW I actually want to read. Sheesh!

Let's see...what else? Oh, a "friend" called tonight. She talked to my mom. When my mom told me who it was I just kind of went "Ugh." I know, really immature of me, right? But, we haven't talked in about 5 years, I really have nothing to say to her and the last time we talked it just wasn't pleasant. Of course, she was telling me at the time that she was pregnant with her third child in as many years. Like I was supposed to be happy about that? Especially since she was on unemployment at the time? If I weren't such a nice person I would just ignore it. *sigh* I dunno what to do. I hate situations like this. :(

And that's about it. I need some sort of kick in the pants to finish up my TBR pile and deal with it. *sigh* I have no gumption.


Chris said...

I resisted the Crackberry when I was lured into T-Mobile last week... altho I did end up with a cute little Nokia 6301...

Maybe you could just list the books you read that didn't seem blog worthy, with a one-sentence review? I always like to hear about the books that didn't quite work, too. And I can totally relate to not feeling inspired by the TBR pile right now. Maybe it's DST.

Tracy said...

Congrats on the blackberry - and the fact that it's purple? right on. :)

Yes, please let us know what you've read and maybe a small blurb about why you liked it or not.

I'm so jealous of you 19 books. My tbr has reached critical mass! lol

Blanche said...

A Blackberry.......very cool! Hubby has one for work and I'm so jealous of him! I like mine fine but I really wanted a blackberry!

I've read several stinkers lately too.......I promised myself that I wouldn't blog about books I didn't like because I wouldn't want to offend or hurt anyone's feelings.....although I did post about 1 that bothered the crap out of me!

I'd love to hear about what you've read lately too!!

Tara said...

I love the "pregnant friend or family resurfacing after years just to gloat (or what have you)" sorts of situations. Note the dripping sarcasm. Seems like every time I turn around I run into that again -- by now I don't even have an inclination to be nice. I just ignore it by now. But in my head, every time it happens again, all I can think is "I / our relationship wasn't important enough for you to lend a hand to keeping in contact, but now that you're pregnant you're somehow special and everyone must want to reconnect with you." Bigger problem is -- it's always the stupid people in my life that it happens to -- the ones that should apply for a license to even be a parent, the ones who didn't even want kids -- and now they're coming around to me, the one who DID want kids and a family who may very well never get to fulfill that part of her life, to tell you how happy they are they got what the didn't want. Hm... sounds fishy to me.

I need a new phone. But would feel guilty getting something as nice as a Blackberry -- I mean... there's no way I'd ever utilize all the features. I guess now I just need one that doesn't... suck.

Nicola O. said...

I think the Blackberrys aren't moving too well these days, with the popularity of the iPhones. Lotsa deals out there.