Monday, March 9, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One by Sharon Lathan

So, remember when I was raving about a book, but couldn't talk about it? Well, here's the review. :)


Ever since I agreed to begin reviewing for publishers, I’ve been hoping for that “dream” book. The one you read that makes you sigh a little inside as you put it down because you don’t want it to end. I was lucky enough to find that book with Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy by Sharon Lathan.

Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy is the continuing story of Lizzy Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. It says in a note from the author that she watched the 2005 movie version of Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen and was inspired to continue their story. And this book is that story.

Using certain quotes and moments from the movie in the book gives it a more…intimate setting than something coming straight from the book. In my head all throughout the book, I was picturing Matthew MacFadyen as Darcy and Keira Knightley as Lizzy. I’m not usually one for having actors in my head, but because I loved the movie, I don’t mind.

I admit to having a hard time NOT having a fan-girl moment while writing this review. I’ve been a fan of Pride and Prejudice ever since I saw this movie in the theater when it first came out. Obviously I’d heard of Jane Austen and her books. I knew what P&P was all about, but had never watched any of the movies or read the book.

I remember seeing a snippet of the promo for this movie and thinking “I HAVE to see this!” I sat in the theater with my eyes glued to the screen. The passion and chemistry between these two characters was just downright awe-inspiring. I loved Mr. Darcy’s taciturn, but sweet personality and the way his love for Lizzy made him seem all the more human. I loved how Lizzy wasn’t afraid to stand her ground, even when it meant losing (for the moment), the love of her life.

I took one of my BFF’s to see this movie and to this day, it’s one of our favorites. I’ve also seen the A&E version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle and finally read the book last year, but in my heart, the 2005 version of this movie will always be Lizzy & Darcy’s story.

That being said, I admit to a certain amount of trepidation going into this story. I’d just finished reading Pemberley Manor, and though I liked it, it had also traumatized me a bit. I was hoping that this story would follow more along the lines of the story I saw in my head as to how the Darcy’s life would be together after P&P was over.

And I was not disappointed. From the moment the story starts, it’s like a continuation of the movie. I love the fact that it starts from Darcy’s POV and you can just see the love shining from him as he looks at his beloved wife.

Maybe it’s naughty of me, but I admit to wishing someone would delve a bit more into the passion so evident between the two. Ms. Lathan does that well. It’s obvious the two of them have sex, but it’s not fully modernized to the point where you have every single mention of body parts and tab-a-into-slot-b like 99% of the romances out there. This book isn’t chaste by any means, but it’s also much closer to what I would expect. I know, that doesn’t make sense, but I’m doing my best here.

Ms. Lathan gives a richness to the story and details that you could almost expect Ms. Austen to have had them waiting just for this story. As I was reading, I could see what was happening in my head. The sights, sounds and emotions were so clearly detailed that I didn’t want this story to end.

And that’s what’s so great! She’s doing a full series on the life of Lizzy and Darcy. This is just book 1! *happy dance*

I can’t remember the last time I fell in love with a book like this. I can’t wait to share this with you and I’m hoping I’ll be lucky enough to speak to the author and maybe even give away a copy or two of this book. If you love Pride and Prejudice (especially the 2005 version of the movie), then I cannot stress to you enough how much you should go find a copy of this book. It’s awesome!

Rating: A-

*Edited to add* I wrote this review the minute I'd finished the book and was still on the "good book high". I just recently reread the book and while I still love it and think it's amazing, the one thing I could've done without is the syrupy names they call each other. THAT got annoying very quickly.

And...Sharon is coming to the blog! She'll be one of my special guests. And...I get to give away a copy of the book. Unfortunately, I'm limited to the US and Canada for the giveaway, but still! So, come back in a day or two and I'll have the interview with her on here. *happy dance*


Anonymous said...

I too loved this book and had to keep quiet till I could post my review. It was a joy to revisit these characters and see what happened after they got married.
Great review!

Sharon Lathan said...

I can't thank you enough for taking a chance on my novel and for writing such a glowing review. It is wonderful. Just the first paragraph alone would have been enough to send me onto a cloud! I am thrilled that my work pleased you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. :) Sharon

Anonymous said...

I love this book its is on my best seller list one of the best. thank GOD that you have the bright ideal to start where she stop and you are doing Miss. Austen a great deed by taken on her story line

Vee said...

Love this review!
Your comment about being present in a scene is what I love about Sharon's descriptiveness. It is amazing!
At first because Sharon says her inspirations are Matthew and Keira from P&P 2005 I did see them as such to begin with, but now Sharon's Darcy and Lizzy have taken a life of their own, so I conjure up a wonderful image in my mind of her creations rather than a particular person.
Especially the Darcy Sharon has created is perfection. Love it all!
TSBO devotee