Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some Exciting News & Other Things

Hey, my people! :)

First off, March has started out with somewhat of a bang reading-wise. Then again, it's also had some clunkers too. *sigh* There's just no making me happy, I guess.

Secondly, my "exciting" news. Okay, so it's exciting to me. I'll be hosting a couple of authors over the next few weeks. And when I say they couldn't be more different...well, there you go. :) I'll be having some book give aways and other stuff too, so keep your eyes open.

I just finished reading Maureen McCormick's (played Marcia Brady) book Here's the Story. All I can say is wow. I'll be reviewing it here shortly. Talk about revelations. I didn't know 90% of what she talked about. I'm not a huge fan of autobiographies, but my mom got it from the library and I had to read it. And it was good! I actually got a bit sniffly at the very end.

My writing is going well, which is thrilling. I've stated over on my other blog that the thing that's gotten me down so often in the past is my lack of confidence, but after the wonderful comments I've received from my short story and from the snippet from my WIP, it's been making me see that I really am a good writer. Hallelujah!

I went and bought some clothes today. And they fit. Some were almost too big. I've got down 5 sizes now. Whee!

And that's about it. So again, keep your eye out for my guest authors. I hope to see you here!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your writing going well!! I'll be looking forward to your interviews and contests!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the writing and clothes! It all sounds very exciting. I will certainly be visiting your blog often. :o)