Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Review #2

Loving Mr. Darcy by Sharon Lathan

Happy Release Day!!! *ahem*

Now that I got that out of the way...on to my review!

I am a Pride & Prejudice fan-girl. It is a sick, sad fascination I have with all things Lizzy & Darcy. Reading Sharon’s continuing saga of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth is enough to make my fan-girl heart beat just a little bit faster.

In Loving Mr. Darcy, we start out where Book 1 left off. After 5 months of marital bliss at Pemberly, the Darcy’s are off to visit London. Georgiana is thrilled at the idea of going to town, Lizzy just wants sleep and Darcy is concerned, not only with his wife’s health, but also introducing her into society.

Whereas Book 1 was focused on their honeymoon, Book 2 is focused more on the introduction of Lizzy into Darcy’s world. Lizzy has always known that Darcy is a man of circumstance, but to see it in reality boggles her mind. Lavish parties, fantastical birthdays…the list goes on and on.
The introduction of new characters, old characters showing up to visit...it's like visiting old friends.

The thing I love most about Ms. Lathan’s style is her ability to inject humor, even in tense situations. Where a lot of authors would take the seriousness of a situation and make it worse, she throws in little turns of phrase or a moment that gives an uplifted feeling to it all.

Was it perfect? No, but it was still greatly enjoyable. I think my only really big pet peeve is the…flowery tones when it comes to the pet names. I’m not a big fan of pet names. They drive me insane. And when I think of the time period, sometimes it throws me off because I honestly cannot imagine these two people speaking to each other in the ways that they do.

All in all though, I really did enjoy this book and am greatly looking forward to the next one. If you loved the 2005 movie version of P&P as much as I did and want to know what happens next, I cannot recommend these books enough. Trust me…it’s worth it.

Overall Rating: B+

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