Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mr. Darcy: The Last Man in the World by Abigail Reynolds

*I received this ARC through the publisher*

Hi, all! First, I must apologize for the delay in my reviews. I was having some horrible issues with gmail and blogger. Thankfully, they seem to be figured out now. yay!

I received the ARC of this book and I was SO excited to read it. I thought the idea was unique and that it would be interesting to see what would happen. See, the idea of the story is that Lizzie says yes the first time Mr. Darcy proposes.

Instead of all that wonderful tension you get after Lizzie calls Mr. Darcy out on not behaving like a gentleman, she accepts his proposal.

And...then I opened up the book. Started reading. the first few sentences, I was completely turned off by the book. Was it due to bad writing? No. It was due to the fact that the book starts out talking about how Mr. Darcy had been most ardent on their wedding night and how she wasn't sure how she felt about it.

I don't know; maybe I need to stop reading these P&P redos, because more often than not, I'm disappointed in what I'm reading. P&P is the most well-known romance in the world and is probably the most rewritten story. Everyone has their take on how Mr. Darcy and Lizzie Bennet's life will be like after they marry.

In my mind's eye I see them happy and having a very passionate marriage. I don't know why I couldn't continue after reading how Lizzie felt about their wedding night. Maybe it was the terminology used?

I have no clue, but sadly, this book is a DNF for me. :( Maybe some day I can open it and really WANT to read it, but right now it's not working for me.

Now I feel guilty. Sometimes reviewing books is hard work.

Overall Rating: DNF

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