Thursday, January 15, 2009

To Trust A Wolf & To Tempt a Wolf by Kate Steele

Back Blurb for To Trust a Wolf: Grrrrrrrrrr. Just out of a bad relationship, Bryn Roydan has no trust to give where men are concerned. She hadn't counted on the determined will of Logan Sutherland. Resistance fading, Bryn finally gives in to her desire, only to discover that the attractive and dominant Logan is also an alpha werewolf. Filled with a primal need to make her his, Logan boldly lays claim to her - body, mind and soul. Stunned and aroused in the face of Logan's high-handed and seemingly impossible declaration, Bryn finds herself struggling to accept the reality of his dual nature and feral lust, in an effort to overcome her own past and learn to trust the wolf.

I recently did a large shopping expedition at Ellora's Cave. To Trust A Wolf was one of the books I bought. I enjoyed it so much, I had to go and buy its sequel.

My thoughts...

The romance between Bryn & Logan is interesting. Logan is a wolf, so of course, he knows she's his mate thru smell and instinct. Typical werewolf shenanigans. LOL! However, due to her past, she's very, very unsure of both herself and her feelings.

Logan woos her, which makes for some very sweet, very sexy moments. It's kind of one of those "Aw shucks" moments that just makes your heart go pitty-pat.

The Good: Logan. Dude, hot Alpha male with protective instincts up the wazoo? Oh yeah. He reminds me a lot of Nalini Singh's Alphas. Dominant without being a jerk. He's all about his woman and her comfort. Le sigh.

Bryn. At the beginning of the book, she really annoyed me. Waffling...Do I love him? Should I love him? Etc. etc. However, once she figures out that she does love him, she becomes a pretty cool heroine.

The world. Ms. Steele has created an interesting world in the werewolf paranormal. Logan is basically a mediator for the Packs. He helps smooth over tense situations and is able to think without letting his emotions completely take him over. That makes for some interesting moments. :)

The villain. It's resolved quickly and isn't a large part of the story. I found this particular part of the story fun, because the villain gets their comeuppance quickly. Yay for quick resolutions!

The Bad:

Okay, this is going to sound gross, but I hate, hate, hate love scenes that deal with menstruation. Unfortunately, this story has one of those. As soon as I realized, I had to skip it. I know most women don't have major issues w/ bleeding and stuff, but the idea of having sex while on the rag just does nothing for me. Ugh!

How quickly Bryn accepts what is going on. To me it happens way too fast. With how badly she was hurt by her ex and everything, she jumps on the Logan bandwagon much too quickly. I can understand why she fell in love with him, but due to the fact that her past is so much a part of the beginning of the story, it just fell a bit flat for me.

My Overall Thoughts: Overall I really enjoyed this story. The sex is hot and passionate, the romance is sweet, the two main characters are fun and the secondary characters are great without taking over the story.

Rating: B

To Tempt A Wolf Back Blurb: There are wolves in Whispering Springs. On her first night there, Hayley Royden comes face to face with one. A beautiful black wolf with amazing blue-green eyes. On her second day, she meets a two legged wolf, one Jace McKenna by name. He too has beautiful blue-green eyes and an allure that sends Hayley’s heart racing. Though instantly attracted to him, Jace’s teasing has Hayley unsure of whether she wants to kiss him or kick him. As things heat up between them, Hayley learns one thing for sure. There’s more to Jace than meets the eye. This lighthearted bad boy is harboring a secret.

Jace McKenna has found his mate. For this formerly footloose alpha werewolf the thought is a bit disconcerting but Hayley’s a temptation he can’t resist. Unfortunately the path to love is strewn with a few rocks. Unexpected trouble raises its head in the form of a scruffy thug with a grudge and an accident that threatens to tear them apart.

Hayley's story is just as fun as her sister's. Instant attraction with the local bad boy. I love bad boy stories. Yum, yum!

Hayley has just quit her job and is now working on her second novel. She's trying to do something worthwhile that gives her some sort of satisfaction. She's tired of just working to work. She decides to move into Bryn's old house to work on her book and get away from her old life for awhile.

Jace, the local bad boy and Logan's best friend, is also the Alpha of the Pack. He's always taken responsibility for his Pack, but due to the excess of responsibility he had when he was younger, he is basically a slut for womens affection. He likes sex and isn't ashamed fo that fact.

When the two meet, the sparks fly immediately. It's quite incendiary and very, very sexy. :) I'm all about sexy banter and intelligent flirting. Yummy!

The Good: Hayley. She's not afraid of her attraction to Jace, which is a nice change. There's a scene in the kitchen that is downright smokin' hot. *fans self* I'm a big believer in sexy sex and this book has it in spades.

Jace. The ultimate bad boy with a heart of gold. As soon as he realizes that Hayley is his mate, he's more than willing to protect her and sacrifice for her. Watching the play between them is quite entertaining. It's mostly major flirtation w/ a mix of sarcasm and wit. I love sarcasm and wit. :)

The overall plot. Though the books are connected, the story is very different. Watching these two characters fall in love was so much fun.

The Bad. The end. Not the end itself, but the confrontation. It was very frustrating to read, because the villain is so annoying. I just wanted to shoot this person & put them out of their misery. Grr.

This has NOTHING to do with either of this books, but the series in general. Ms. Steele introduces the characters for the next book at the end of this book. However, this book was written in 2006 and we still don't have the next one in the series. When I emailed her, she did tell me that she is planning more books. Yay! Here's hoping it comes out very, very soon!

Rating: B

So, overall, this series rocks! Sexy, fun, fast-paced, and just an overall entertaining story. I can't wait to read the next one!


Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Alphas and bad boys? Sounds like my type of read! :D

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Both books sound like something I'd like to read. Thanks for the great reviews.

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Oh I just love shifter stories (which anyone who knows me, knows). Thanks for the reviews - I'll have to check these out.

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Those were very nice reviews! Definitely keep them coming, you are off to a great start!