Thursday, January 21, 2010

Up, Down & All Around

Boy, I disappeared there for awhile, didn't I? *sigh*

Yeah, things escalated to the point where it was either have a stroke or unload. I unloaded, but it was one of those things where it made it better and it made it worse. Now I'm just tired.

I've decided to keep this blog and will be doing some stuff to see if I can be more consistent in my reviews. I feel especially bad for my contact at Sourcebooks. I owed reviews (for the 2 books below) and not only did my gmail putz out on me, but so did blogger. *sigh*

Anyhoodles, I'm off to bed. Just wanted everyone to know that I'm still alive...I think.


Blanche said...

Hey! It is really good to see you! Welcome back :)

Lori said...

Welcome back!

Renee said...

Good to see you, sweetie!

Victoria Janssen said...

Welcome back!